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Special issue Catwalk


And here we are with Frasson Gallery’s issue number One. After an amazing, challenging number Zero issue, where we have learned and improved so much our work, to get better, better, better… find flaws, discover new paths and even change what we thought that was right, always looking for the best to transmit knowledge to the largest number of people. Frasson Gallery is born free, independent, timeless and global, combining image and content in an innovative, disruptive way. The magazine is becoming real with stories that are published every week, and after two months it becomes whole. Then we start the next issue. In this issue we have an exclusive interview with photographer Peter Lindbergh. He talks about this digital moment in photography and honors us with some photo from his exhibition, “Alberto Giacometti/Peter Lindbergh,” on display at Giacometti Institute in Paris. And everyday our fashion editors will select the most important shows and images from the fashion weeks in NYC, London, Milan and Paris, and you can follow them here through Frasson Gallery’s eyes. And voilá, les numero 1.


Pioneer of fashion films, British photographer Nick Knight talks about the future of online fashion • The 150 years of the iconic Château Lafite in the vision of the heir Philippe de Nicolay Rothschild • The couture show of the summer of 2018 Valentino under a new angle • How Belgian designer Glenn Martens has captured celebrities and millennials with his unisex fashion · Copacabana Palace 95 anos · Thérre d’Hermés.